Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Review

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare Review

Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare is a video game published by Popcap Games Limited. The game is a zombie-slaying, platform-shooter video game. It was published by Popcap Games and is the second game in the Dead Ahead franchise. The first game in the series was Dead Ahead: World in Need, also published by Popcap.

In Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare the player takes control of one of three survivors who are given a chance to live in a world where the zombies have taken over. As a result of being left alone survivors must develop a strategy to survive the infection. Zombies in this game are always hungry for human flesh. Players are tasked to kill as many zombies as possible and to protect the human population.

This mobile game is similar to Dead Ahead: Zombie Massacre, but the latter’s storyline is not featured in the former. However, several elements of the former remain in Zombie Wars: Mobile Attack. The game’s mechanics revolve around using guns, bows, and explosives. There is also the need to find out about bus stations, restaurants and banks as well as other points of interest.

The story of Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare revolves around a group of survivors who are trying to get back to “life”. The group makes use of a bus station as their point of entry in order to gain access. While searching for supplies at one of these stations, they come across a seemingly dead ahead: Zombie Massacre.

As a result of being trapped in the middle of a zombie outbreak, the group has to rely on weapons in order to defend themselves. Once they realize that the zombies have turned into creatures called Scavengers, they will have to work together to survive. As they fight against the Scavengers, they discover that it’s possible to train the undead to do their bidding, thus allowing them to do as they please. In Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare there are certain points where you can teach the zombies new moves, depending on which level you complete the game on. You can also purchase a shotgun and shoot the zombies directly in the face; although it’s advisable to avoid using them at first, especially if you have a low health bar.

Despite its humorous storyline, Zombie Warfare is quite challenging. When playing as a group, players need to carefully plan on how they should attack the zombies, while simultaneously providing cover for each other. zombies have the tendency of trying to reach the players, making it essential for all players to effectively communicate with one another in order to ensure that they don’t miss any opportunities. Furthermore, when playing alone in Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare there are certain objectives that must be accomplished in order to progress through the levels. Completing each level will reward you with points, which you can use to purchase upgrades for your gas tank or to replenish your energy.

The actual play of this mobile game is quite exciting. In addition to the gun battle, each player must utilize his or her own strategy in order to win the game. This includes carefully planting bombs at strategic locations in order to create massive amounts of confusion for the Scavenger team. When the time comes, it’s advisable to call in the support of other survivors in order to eliminate the zombies as soon as possible.

Although the graphics are fairly basic overall, Dead Ahead: Zombie Warfare has several features that make it enjoyable to play. For example, several characters are featured including the leader of the human team (the player), as well as the healer, the machine gunner, as well as several other special survivors. Also, when using a gas mask, it becomes possible to see the zombie’s true nature with their eyes. However, in many cases, it’s still difficult to beat the zombies due to their advanced technology and skills. Overall, this is a fun, lighthearted game that is well worth the price of admission.

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